java interview with Investment bank -3

This Interview was scheduled on Aug,2011 with one of the BIG 4 US banks. The positions was related to senior java developer and they were looking for strong java candidate with problem solving skills. They had a Rule based java application on which they were facing performance issue. The application was using Hibernate,Spring, Java 1.5 and JMS with Oracle database.

1'st Round ) It was Quick fire round with 20  minutes telephonic interviews.
Technical questions:
  1. Benefits of using Hibernate in application? 
  2. How to manage transaction in Hibernate and what all are transaction attributes?
  3. How to avoid phantom read using in Database operations?
  4. What is Queue and Topic and How to manage transaction in JMS?
  5. What is garbage collection?
  6. What need to be taken care on Java performance?
  7. How to do application profiling?
  8. What is database index and what is cluster index?
  9. Difference in Database functions\procedure and trigger?
2) Second Round tech. interview
It was second round face to face technical interview and it was totally focused on hibernate. I was not sure why interviewee is just asking questions on Hibernate.
  1. What is cascade all in hibernate setting?
  2. how to maintain same object in two hibernate sessions?
  3. what is Session.merge()?
  4. what is datasource and what is benefits?
  5. what is transaction management?
  6. what is DurableSubscriber?
  7. How to avoid circular dependency?
  8. How to do transaction management ? 
  9. How hashmap get and set works?
  10. How to design the big application where lots of request comes a same time and your application should able to handle all requests? why we should use JMS and what are the other alternative?
  11. diff in runnable and callable?
  12. diff in ArrayBlockingQueue, ConcurrentLinkedQueue?
  13. How the ExecutorService works?
  14. Have you used concurrent hashmap?
  15. How the task are submitted in executor framework?
  16. Java 1.5 concurrency package benefit?
  17.  what is Drul rule engine ?

   My second round went well , except deep questions in hibernate . I was able to give answers but they were not satisfied with my answers on hibernate as last time I worked in hibernate was 2 years before and finally got rejected here.


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