java interview with Investment bank -1

It was my second round of the java technical interview. I did research on interviewer and figured out his strong area and prepared more on that area. pleasant surprise was Interviewer asked the questions in same topic. see how this interview goes.
1) Tell me about your current project and what are you doing?
    I had explained my project and told it is java based middle tier trade processing application which provide processing capability to .net client and external clients.
2) From first question they asked another 2 questions
   How your client is talking to MT java?
   why you are using web service? what is bottleneck?
   what are other ways to do communications?
3) problem solving .. get the random list of 0..9 in java with no duplicates?
4) from question 3 they asked another few questions, why are you using HashSet to store data, why not list?
5) how hashset store the data and how it is different than arraylist?
6) have you worked in java 1.6 or java 1.7? what is difference in java 1.5 and 1.4?
7) whats is enums and can we extend them ? can we override the mehtod in enum?
8) What is locks ?  explain concurrent hashmap?
9) what need to be taken care on storing data in hashmap? how we will get best performance?
10) what will happen if the keys are same in hashmap, what is key collision?
11) what is overloading and overriding?
12) another problem solving question.. write routine to sqrt the integer 12345?
13) how to make sure the message will be processed in JMS? how persistence is implemented?
14) what need to be taken care when we work on java application performance?
15) Design pattern : which all design pattern you have worked and difference in factory and abstract factory design pattern?
16) What is decorator design pattern?

I cleared this round of interview and got result very next day. The job consultant arranged the next round of interview with Bank again and it was with HR and management and these people wants to check soft skills. Here are questions aksed during this round.

Management Round:

1) Tell me about your career and explain each project you have worked on?
2) Why would you like to leave your current role?
3) Our project is in very critical path and I can tell you that this year is going to be very tough?
    are you OK with working on this?
4) What is your Day to Day activity at work?
5) What is your percentage contribution in Java, Database and Messaging in current development.

HR Round:
1) Why would you like to leave current role?
2) Why are you asking for this salary hike?
3) What are your previous achivements?
4) What is your long term plan, how you would you like to growth your career?

Answers Technical Round
3) Number 0 to 9 without duplicate

HashSet set = new HashSet();
Random rn = new Random(1);
   int i = rn.nextInt(10);

Important topics for interview......

1) JAVA 1.5 details
2) Java Collection Interview questions
3) XML PArsing
4) JDBC Interview Questions
5) Hibernate interview questions
6) Java Threading questions
7) Java Concurrency questions.
8) JMS interview questions.
9) Spring Framework