java interview with Investment bank - 5

Getting a new job looks very tedious work and it needs the preparation. better you are prepared important topics and you have more chances of winning the interview. It is not just chance, its your hard work which makes way for you. After long time, again I started giving interviews for my next move. This time I am looking for more senior role similar to technical manager but still I need to clear java technical round and here are those questions:

**Wining Attitude is the Key for interviews**

Questions :-

1) Your Current project and Role\ Responsibilities?

2) Explain your current application and it's design?

3) Explain JMS Transaction and how you can control transaction from you receive the message to persisting data into DB?

4) How to handle DB transaction in Spring?

5) What is benefits of Spring?

6) HashMap VS TreeMap which one to use, how to decide?

7) How to create immutable Objects?

8) What is annotation and what is benefits?

9) How JIXB xml parsing works?

10) Threading, what happens if same object instance is read by two threads?

11) If one reader thread and one writer thread act on one objects double variable and writer thread is trying to update the value from 4 to 5. if both does this call at same time what value reader thread will see for double variable?  [ Hint double writing is not atomic in java]

12) If you have java application cache where  you have 1000 reads  but very less writes into cache, which locking you will you and how? tell me the class name?

Suddenly interview moved to web application technology side and they asked these questions:

1) What is application context in web app?

2) What dispatcher servlet do in Spring mvc?

Two design discussion

1) Large file having text and how we can find the word count in the file and which collection to use?

2) We have Professor , Course and Student table and one professor can take multiple course and one student can take multiple courses. How to find out which professor is having maximum students write query and table design?

Best of luck for any upcoming interviews. Important topic to cover for interview -

1) JAVA 1.5 details
2) Java Collection Interview questions
3) XML PArsing
4) JDBC Interview Questions
5) Hibernate interview questions
6) Java Threading questions
7) Java Concurrency questions.
8) JMS interview questions.
9) Spring Framework


  1. Hi
    I have 1.5 yr of experience in java/spring/hibernate. I want to work for investment banks. Can you help me getting job in investment bank.
    With regards,

  2. There are always good number of java opening in Investment bank. Use any of job search portal for particular opening [, etc] and then apply once you are fully prepared.

  3. 12) If you have java application cache where you have 1000 reads but very less writes into cache, which locking you will you and how? tell me the class name?
    What is the answer of this question?