Investment Bank Java Interview questions and preparation

I was planning to write this blog from past few years and every time I used to write java interview topics and questions from my interview but was never able to collate and post it. We change the job and try to find out better job for better work or better salary. The Technical jobs in java required special knowledge in few java topics and these topics help us developing good and robust enterprise application. If we understand these core topics well then we will not face performance and stability issues in live[production] application. This understanding of core topic helps our application to be more flexible and more concurrently stable. In Java we should understand how to design the application and understand the object memory foot print for stability.

  Java is best suitable language due to its flexibility and high performance. It is best suitable for big enterprise application to small processing application development. As a interviewer we always try to gauge candidate on these basic java fundamental topics. These topics are very common to for any java related interview. I am trying to provide the latest trend in java knowledge assessment in recent years

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Now a days these topics are mainly asked in java interview questions.
  • Threading \ Concurrency
  • Java Collections
  • OOPS concept
  • Features of java 1.5 and understanding of changes
  • Spring \ Hibernate basics
  • JMS
  • XML parsing
  • Java application profiling
  • Database concepts
  • Testing practise [ junit \ , mock testing]
  We all are working in java for few years and suddenly during interview calls we realise that we need to prepare lots of topic. My intention is to help you on this prospective where you need to brush up fundamentals.

 Details on these topics: [Click on hyperlinks for this topics]

1) Java Threading questions

2) Java Concurrency questions.

3) JAVA 1.5 details

4) JAVA Design Pattern

5) Java Collection Interview questions

6) XML Parsing

7) JDBC Interview Questions

8) Hibernate interview questions

9) JMS interview questions.

10) Spring Framework

Soft Skills:
  We need to take care of these top 10 soft skills during interview.

These are the java interview questions asked to me recently. I am focused on Investment banks for permanent position and I have attended at least 20+ interview in last few 4-5 years.

Interview Question set 1.

Interview Question set 2.

Interview Question set 3.

Interview Question set 4.

Interview Question set 5.


   Figure out the job descriptions and then select the technology they are focusing on. May be they are using some special tool, get on information on that.
   If possible try to get information on interviewer and check his\her linked in profile. You will come to know expertise areas and main difficult questions will come from these topics. If you prepare those area and answers more than 50% of questions, they will be impressed as they think these are very special topics and they are expert on these topics.

  Best of luck for your interview and put your best effort. No need to cover all topics, it is more important that you understand the core topics and you are able to use them during application development.


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